About Us

Bacbuz is a company that is a staunch believer in the 1st Amendment. Bacbuz feels that all opinions should be treated equally, no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. Our mission is to offer a complete social media platform that is fair to everyone. No shadow banning, no filtering, no favoritism - just fair and unbiased content. Bacbuz will launch shortly as a social media platform that resembles Twitter/ Instagram (but much better), and will be upgraded to have all the aspects of Facebook and more. Bacbuz is committed to giving everyone a platform that is on an equal playing field - unlike Twitter, Facebook, Google and the rest.

Mike Carrafa

has been involved in the media field for over 40 years, He worked in the cable TV industry since its infancy. Mike is a veteran that served in the United States Navy, aboard the USS George Washington Carver Submarine, as an electronics technician. After leaving the Navy, he founded one of the largest communications contracting companies in South Florida, working for numerous companies that included AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Adelphia, and Primestar, to install cable, satellite and telephone services. Mike helped design and implement installation techniques for telephone, high speed data, satellites and more.

Moving to Arizona, Mike became an owner and chief editor of a local newspaper. Investigating and reporting on local and state issues before deciding to get involved and help change the social media biases.

Project Managment
Bob Neumiller

Bob Neumiller has over 34 years of experience in the high-tech sector. Bob's early years were spent with EDS, Safeco and King County Medical as a technologist, programmer analyst and Senior Business Analyst. In the early 90's Bob transitioned into the consulting sector where he took a position as a Manager at Ernst & Young LLP (E&Y). The years at E&Y were spent working in the mobile phone industry, most notably AT&T Wireless. Bob left E&Y with the title of Senior Manager and gained significant knowledge of running a consulting practice.

After spending many years as a business consultant both from a technology perspective and a business management consulting perspective, Bob took a Practice director position with BEA Systems located in San Jose California. During his 3 years at BEA, Bob took a fledgling practice and within a year grew it to be a profitable practice that generated over 20 million in revenue per year. The practice went from 1 consultant to over 30 the first year and from 1 client (Amazon) to over 70 during his tenure at BEA. Bob was awarded 3 years running the All-star award for having one of the top consulting practice in the US from both a revenue and employee satisfaction perspective.

In late 2001, Bob needed the challenge of starting up another Consulting practice and took the position of VP of Global Services for Insevo, based in Pleasanton California. During the first year of the new practice, sales increased by over 150% and the staff grew from 3 consultants to over 50. Additionally, Bob grew his Consulting Partners from zero to over 20 worldwide.

Late 2013, Bob joined the team at Launch Consulting as Principle Program Manager initially to lead a team responsible for the technical tools and certification of Microsoft phone apps for the Microsoft Phone Store. For the past 3 years Bob has been working for Launch providing program management for engagement startup on several Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics related engagements. Most recently with the Microsoft Agile BI team and leading an on and offshore team of 16 data analysts and report developers for Microsoft’s Central Finance team.

Tim Custer

Tim Custer has worked in the software industry since 1991. After 5 years as a developer at Microsoft, decided that if his career was going to go anywhere, he was going to need to know other [than Microsoft] technologies. Learning and applying multiple database technologies, business architecture and business Intelligence, Tim has transformed many businesses by providing the data they need to understand their business.

Tim is a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL expert, and soon became a data architect for many technologies. He has performed many services for Microsoft Corporation, as well as other well-known corporations throughout the United States.

As the data architect and business intelligence architect for a major national bank, his ability to decipher a business data needs, and apply knowledge from other corporation experience, Tim was able to optimize a complete corporate data structure and meet rigorous government reporting needs.

As a technologies, open mindedness to always looking for a better method has led to optimized and maintainable business/technology practices.

Software Engineering
Mark Bessett

Mark Bessett is a tech-centric, but business savvy engineer-leader who loves both building and ideation. Mark has worked in multiple industries introducing software and hardware technologies from startups to huge corporations including Lockheed Martin Space and Microsoft. Mark often (and happily) wears many hats in his execution-oriented approach.

Mark is an expert software engineer and experienced thought leader. He has delivered innovative technology solutions to many organizations providing them with key advantages in their industries.

Mark has held security clearances up to TS SCI w/ polygraph and familiar with customers in NRO, NGA and other intelligence agencies