Advertising with social media

Today's social media services are run by a biased breed. They'll gladly take your money to advertise, but only if it fits their agenda, dogma, and ideas. Bacbuz will advertise all companies equally.


Social media and search engines are currently controlled by liberal and left-leaning people / companies who inject their influence upon their social media platforms. We believe that such agendas should not be part of a public social media platform

Shadow Banning

Such left-leaning influences include injected code within platforms to purposefully silence and hide ideas, statements, photos, etc. of people with whom they don't agree. The left-leaning social media platforms are programatically hiding your posts while promoting their own personal agendas

Fake News

As a result of biased blockage of ideas that don't conform to their personal dogma, current social media companies end up spreading what we now know as "fake news". Such fake news ends up creating a false "reality" for the public in general, while still promoting their own left-leaning bias. We used to call this "yellow journalism".

Fake news
Bacbuz Features Agenda-Free Social Media Platform

Bacbuz intends to solve the problem of biased social media platforms by not favoring one political or social view over another. Everyone's opinions are just as important as the next person's.

While we obviously won't allow any type of threats, terrorism, etc., we don't intend on being the "social media police". We do ask our users to be polite, but we don't shut down your account because of your political or social views.

  • No shadow banning
  • No favoritism
  • No bullying
  • No pushing our own agenda
  • Allow users to speak freely
  • Allow all opinions and views
  • Promote all opinions
  • Allow peaceful discussions
  • Feature all users' demographics
  • Allow opinions other than our own
  • Respect the 1st Amendment
  • Sanction those who violate others' freedoms