Investing in New Social Media

Are you disgusted with the blatant bias from today’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and decided that it’s time for a solution?

Bacbuz is a company created to do exactly that because we are staunch believers in the 1st Amendment. Bacbuz feels that all opinions should be treated equally, no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. Our mission is to offer a complete social media platform that is fair to everyone. No shadow banning, no filtering, no favoritism - just fair and unbiased content. Bacbuz will launch shortly as a social media platform that resembles Twitter/ Instagram (but much better), and will be upgraded to have all the aspects of Facebook and more. Bacbuz is committed to giving everyone a platform that is on an equal playing field - unlike Twitter, Facebook, Google and the rest.

Bacbuz was founded by experienced American entrepreneurs who recognize the need to allow everyone an unbiased social media platform, including all legal products banned on other sites. Bacbuz knows it offers the best solution to protecting the 1st Amendment. Our team is made up of 1st Amendment advocates and its philosophy is to hire the best and unbiased employees in the future. The software engineering team is led by three former Microsoft engineers who worked directly for Microsoft for at least 20 years each. These engineers have designed some of the largest systems on the planet today. Their work includes major technological advances for US Airways, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Verizon, Volkswagen, and many, many more. That team is further headed by a Project Manager who also worked at Microsoft for several decades. We couldn’t have designed a better engineering team if we tried.

In life, there are those very few times where you have the opportunity to get involved in a game changing opportunity. This is one of those opportunities, to be one of those lucky few - to immensely increase your wealth like the investors of Microsoft, Google, eBay, Amazon, Apple, and Snapchat to name a few.

Bacbuz is a few short months away from launching and turning social media on its ears. We would like to offer you the opportunity to become involved in the next social media giant to emerge - Bacbuz! Bacbuz is offering you the opportunity to become a part owner in this exciting company. We are offering 20% share in the company, which is being offered in multiple percentages. That makes a limited amount of opportunities to become involved. You can invest in one of the options below.

  • .01 $125.00 = 100 shares (LLC units)
  • .025% $312.50 = 250 shares (LLC units)
  • .05% $625.00 = 500 shares (LLC units)
  • .10% $1,250.00 = 1,000 shares (LLC units)
  • .15% $1,875.00 = 1,500 shares (LLC units)
  • .25% $3,125.00 = 2,500 shares (LLC units)
  • .50% $6,250.00 = 5,000 shares (LLC units)
  • 1% $12,500.00 = 10,000 shares (LLC units)
  • 2% $25,000.00 = 20,000 shares (LLC units)

Just like when Fox News took on the 3 major TV broadcast companies, Bacbuz will take on the big 3 and prevail as a main player in the online media world.

Thank you for your interest and remember there is only 20% ownership available, once it’s gone, it’s gone, and the only way to get involved, is if Bacbuz decides to go public. Email me with your phone number and get a personal phone call where I can explain the investment details and answer your questions.

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